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Credit Card Debt Settlement / Negotiation

Credit card debt has plagued U.S. consumers for the last few decades and is becoming a more serious problem as the economy softens even further. Debt Settlement is the process of negotiating a lower debt amount with your credit card companies which is to be considered as full payment. The end result is that a significant portion of your debt would be completely eliminated. This is a legal, ethical and most importantly effective way to get debt relief and avoid bankruptcy.

Debt-Settlement411.com connects you with professional and reputable companies who can negotiate with the credit card companies on your behalf. Let's Get Started!

Debt Settlement Process

Debt Settlement Companies are in business to provide debt relief, help and advice to consumers just like you. Perhaps you have a big chunk of credit card debt that seems to increase rather than decrease, or may be you realize that keeping up with the growing credit card payments is not as easy as it once was. If that is the case, find the company that can help you, Apply Now!

Your debt settlement company will act as your agent to manage your debt. You no longer receive past due notices, phone calls during your family dinner, and embarrassing calls at work. Instead, all communication is handled by debt settlement pros. It is obvious that this greatly reduces the stress the family finances have been causing for yourself, but also for you and your spouse or children.

  • Your debts are renegotiated. When debt settlement professionals and your creditors get down to business, you win! Usually you find that you come out of the bargain owing 40% to 60% less money! Trying to negotiate your own debt may be frustrating and result in a dead end, but with a pro on your side, you get results – even if you have tried it yourself previously.

  • The credit card monthly payments that were next to impossible to manage and to keep up with are now lumped into one easy to make payment that is based on your budget, not the predetermined percentage a creditor demands. This puts you in the unique position to actually work with a realistic budget, getting relief and staying on track financially, and also avoiding the need to incur any more debt just to pay off other bills.

  • Depending on the monthly payment you can afford, you end up with a zero balance on your outstanding debts. Your credit card bills have vanished and the money in your budget is once again truly your own. The more money you can afford to pay on a monthly basis to pay off your balances, the sooner you will arrive at zero-day. 

Debt settlement eliminates the need to consider filing for bankruptcy. It makes late payment notations on your credit profile go away. Best of all, once you are working through the process of paying off your debts, the problems you may have experienced because of a divorce, past money management mistakes, and even a job loss will all gradually be eliminated.

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